About Jimmy

I have built homes in the Memphis metropolitan area since the early 70s. Having moved here when I was 3 months old, I consider Memphis my home town. My parents actually bought a house in east Memphis by putting $1 down. Living space has sprawled so far east that my childhood home is now in the middle of town.

I started building homes under the direction of seasoned builder Robert J. Denley in my early twenties. It turns out I had a knack for it and quickly had my own framing crew and became a superintendent. For several years I taught math, meeting a need in my local community in a small church school. During those years I concentrated on remodeling and additions. In the late eighties I was back in home building full time, and found myself working again with Robert, my lifelong mentor. It’s been amazing to watch and be a part of our region expanding and growing thruough the housing industry.

A few highlights of my home building career so far include:

  • helping my two children build their own homes
  • receiving the Vesta Home Show People’s Choice award in 1998
  • serving a population in need by providing homes while Chairman of the Home Builders Care Committee
  • serving on the board and executive teams of the Memphis Area Home Builders Association (MAHBA)

When I’m not on a home site I can typically be found playing with my grandchildren, working on the information team at my church, woodworking in my shop, strength training at the gym, helping people reach their fitness goals or heading to the grocery to stock up on healthy food.

Homebuilding is not just a job for me. It’s a unique privilege and responsibility that I don’t take lightly. It’s not just building shelter for families, it’s providing a place that someone wants to call home. My homebuilding adventures have allowed me to see excited young couples buy their first home and work closely with people building a home from scratch. I count it a privilege when I get to spend time with people in their homes to make improvements that meet the needs of their changing lives, or when someone buys a home I’ve already built.

It’s a humbling and rewarding experience. I like to think it’s possible that some of the best memories for someone might be from their time in a home that I had a part of building. Wow, what a blessing!